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I graduated from Hollister SDA Christian School back in 1976.  The teachers were very helpful, spending extra time with me.  I appreciate the multi-grade classrooms because my kids have the ability to advance.  I currently have a 6th grader and my 2 older boys graduated from this school.  They are both in college now!  The academics are excellent, encouraging critical thinking skills. Greg Stephens DDS, Firefighter
My 2 oldest children attended all 8 years at our school.  One went to private high school; the other to public.  They were so well nutured academically, emotionally and spiritually by the wonderful teachers at our school that they entered high school with a great sense of confidence, good moral compass, and solid academic foundation. Andrea Culler
My daughter has graduated from Hollister SDA Christian School and started attending there in 6th grade.  Prior to that she had been homeschooled.  She really likes her teacher and school  I'm thankful that Mrs. Thompson was her first teacher outside of home school since Mrs. Thompson and I share the same Christian values.  She does all she can to help her students succeed and she asks for God's help in the process.  He answers her prayers.  Gene Oler, PhD
Very peaceful and warm atomsphere, it is evident that the students are taught kindness and compassion. Jerry Stephens
I appreicate that the WHOLE person is educated here.  There is a family atomsphere here.  My 3 kids are thriving here and we are excited that our youngest is in the first grade. Karen LoCascio
My wife and I were looking for a school for our daughter Katherine.  We were concerned that she had not attended pre-school and what her assimilation into school would be like.  We wanted to make sure, as much as we could as parents to make her first years a positive and happy experience.  This mind set was upmost in our minds when interviewing the schools.  Of course academics are important, but in the beginning we believed it most important to keep Katherine in loving and positive place.  The Hollister SDA Christian School did an excellent job with Katherine!  We could not have been happier!! Thank you!  The Ellison family

Our four boys have been very happy at Hollister SDA Christian School!  They enjoy learning more from the Bible.  They enjoy the technology (laptops, ipads and Lego Robotics).  They enjoy the field trips (Sacramento Captiol, Yosemite Science Camp and Washington DC).  They enjoy their friends and teachers! The Singer family